Breaking Records is Easy for Breesy

Breaking Records is easy for Breesy
Written by: Alexander Lawson
On October 8th, 2018 millions of Americans tuned to ESPN’s Monday Night Football, but this wasn’t an ordinary game of Monday pigskin, this would be the night and game tenured quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees would break the record of records in the NFL. Peyton Manning and Brett Favre were the main names thrown around in the conversation of greatest NFL quarterback of all time, but Drew Brees threw his name into the conversation like a 62 yard touchdown pass to Tre-Quan Smith. His name is in the ring because of the aforementioned 62 yarder that allowed him to pass Peyton Manning for the all time record for Passing Yards in the NFL which stood at 71,940 yards and now currently sits at 72,315 yards all thrown by the patron Saint of NOLA Football. Drew Brees is regarded as an emotional guy and wasn’t trying to hide it when he broke the record in front of the good ole’ crowd in the Superdome. Brees is a proud Purdue Boilermaker alum and was drafted into the NFL by the San Diego Chargers (Now Los Angeles) in the 2001 draft in the 2nd round and 32nd overall. Brees didn’t play a down of football with the Saints until he was traded to them in the offseason after the 2005 season. In 2009 Drew Brees took the helm of the Saints and led them to a 13-0 start and right into the playoffs. Before Brees could make it to the greatest stage in American sports he had to meet with fellow great, Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game. The Saints would defeat the Vikings in overtime and advance to the Super Bowl as the underdogs to the mighty Indianapolis Colts led by the one and only Peyton Manning. The Saints won it all in Superbowl XLIV (44) and did it by no easy path. The last two teams they faced were lead by two of the top quarterbacks in history. But they were defeated by a fellow GOAT. It’s been several years and seasons since Super Bowl XLIV and Brees didn’t slow down. Since then he’s obtained the all time record in passing yards, completions, passing yards per game, and plenty more records along with other accolades including his numerous Pro-Bowl selections and playoff appearances. Brees isn’t done yet, there is still a lot of season left in 2018 and he still is signed for the whole 2019 season. Which means just because he sits in 3rd and 2nd now for many standings, he may not for long.