Knight Life

Knightline Takes State

Lauren Obenauer, Staff
April 28, 2020

On February 29, 2020, the Farmington Knightline took on their greatest challenge of the season, performing at a state-level competition in Kansas City at the Hy-vee arena. There were roughly 200 teams in various divisions attending the competition. These girls worked hard all season for their chance to perform at the state level. They persevered through tremendous tribulations including various injuries,...

Knights In Review – Yearbook & Covid-19

Allen Smith, Staff
April 6, 2020

With the Coronavirus/COVID-19 canceling school until at least April 30th, many school events, activities, and organizations have been halted, postponed, or canceled completely. One of these organizations is the FHS yearbook, known as “Knights in Review.” On March 23rd, Knights in Review Advisor, Tim Banger sent out an email in which he said, “Being as 350 of our student population have already...

Local Bed Bug Outbreak

Lauren Obenauer, Staff
March 10, 2020

There has been immense paranoia due to the recent reported cases of bed bugs at Central High School. There are many rumors surrounding the whole ordeal and many are wondering what bed bugs are. How did they get into a high school? Are other schools at risk of getting bed bugs? And if your home is overrun by bed bugs, how do you exterminate them? The first question you may ask yourself is what are...

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