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2nd Annual Festival Of Trees Coming To The Centene
Oil Spill In Peru

Grace Lively, Staff
May 5, 2022

Recently, Peru has been struck with an oil spill. On January 28th, a disruption of waves resulted in about 11,900 oil barrels contaminating the ocean. This oil spill will have a large effect on the people surrounding the Ancon beach area, as the oil contaminated the water near the capital of Peru, Lima. Oil spills take a massive toll on the surrounding ecosystems and people who are a part of the surrounding...

The New Wind Energy Debate

Grace Lively, Staff
May 5, 2022

Recently, wind energy companies have been under fire because they are killing birds. The American Eagle Foundation has said that “Wind turbines present an ever present danger to not only eagles and other birds of prey, but also to any migratory bird that passes through areas where wind turbine farms have been constructed.” These disruptions in bird populations can result in danger for animals...

The Final 10 Weeks: A Tribute to Seniors

Breanna Mathes, Staff
March 21, 2022

Although it may be hard to believe, the end of the school year is fast approaching. More specifically, seniors have less than ten weeks before they walk out of FHS’s doors for the last time. Spring is on its way, classes are picking up, and students are beginning to daydream about summertime. But for the class of 2022, the conclusion of yet another school year is beginning to mean something different...

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