BKTV Partners With Local Businesses For Commercial Shoots


Mrs. Southern

Addison Brenneke frames her shot of Ophelia in downtown Farmington.

Recently the BKTV 1 class was given the opportunity to create commercials for Local Businesses. The students were then split up into groups of 3 to 4 and assigned a Farmington business. The participating stores were Ace Hardware Store, The Painted Chair, Dress To Impress, Music Makers, The Copper Lantern, Butterfeild Florists, Coljac, Plummers, Ophelia, and Oasis Christian Bookstore.

Each group then went to town and spent a couple hours researching their assigned business. They even had the opportunity to meet some managers and business owners to get as much information as possible. Students then returned the following week to film their commercials. They could use props from within the store, and posed as customers to bring the commercials to life.

Each student in the group made their own video for their assigned location. The business then got to choose which one they liked best. The Chamber of Commerce will then put the winning commercial on their website. Bradley Lewis, a student in the BKTV 1 class says, “I think this was a wonderful learning opportunity, that I hope students next year can be a part of.”

Along with the opportunity to create commercials and learn more about the businesses. BKTV 1 students also got the opportunity to partake in a business luncheon. Before arriving at the luncheon they all watched a video on the proper etiquette to use. Every student then went to lunch at 12 West, which so happens to also be a locally owned restaurant. At 12 West the students discussed their commercials, and put what they learned to the test. This was overall an amazing experience for the BKTV 1 class, certainly one they won’t soon forget.