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Amy Kvell: Unveiling the Power of ‘Small Hinges Move Big Doors’

The cover of “Small Hinges Move Big Doors.”

Imagine a world where young women and girls are equipped with the tools to find joy in their busy lives. Thanks to local author Amy Kvell, that world is becoming a reality.

Amy recently released her book, “Small Hinges Move Big Doors,” which is making waves in the literary scene and empowering countless women. This enthralling guidebook offers practical advice, heartfelt stories, and powerful insights to help young women navigate the challenges of their daily lives and discover the joy that can be found in even the busiest of schedules.

Amy’s journey to becoming an author started in St. Louis, Missouri, where she was born and raised. Kvell’s passion for empowering others has always been at the center of her being. Drawing from her own experiences as a life coach, chaplain, motivational speaker, and busy mom, Amy has crafted a book that speaks to the hearts of many, offering them a roadmap to finding joy amidst the chaos.

Kvell attended Lindbergh High School and heavily participated in theater.

“Anytime there was a show, I was in it,” Amy said. “If I wasn’t at my high school doing it, I was in community theater, so I was involved in three community theaters, but then I also performed at ‘The Muny’ in St. Louis.”

Before becoming an author, Amy was a professional actress and photographer.

“I had my own photography business, and I did that for about eight years,” Kvell explained. “I loved it, but I always knew in my heart that I wanted to help people better understand joy because I have so much of it.”

Amy also does what is called ‘life and wellness coaching,’ motivational speaking, and, now, writes Christian books. On top of that, Kvell is a chaplain.

“I get to go into Rural King and a wood mill and I get to care for people and ask them how they are doing and how I can serve them. If I’m lucky, I get to pray with them,” Amy said.

Amy has always thought of herself as a better talker than a writer, so that is one of the many reasons that ‘Small Hinges Move Big Doors’ is near and dear to her heart.

“I am dyslexic, so the idea that I wrote a book is kind of crazy,” Kvell elucidated.“I wasn’t Ms. All-A’s student in school. I was just somebody average that God was like “you know what I am going to use you because you have great people skills, and you love people greatly.”

Amy is focused on helping people understand the difference between happiness and joy. She describes happiness as “circumstantial.”

“Everything is going well, and you feel like life is great. Then, all of a sudden, something happens and it kind of falls through. Suddenly, you’re not happy anymore,” Amy said.
On the other hand, Kvell expressed that “joy comes from within.” Connecting from within helps one to achieve joy in their life.

“For me, I believe it’s through your relationship with Jesus,” Amy vocalized. “That relationship with Jesus helps you through the tough stuff.”

Kvell then went on to explain the grievances she’s experienced throughout her life, and how her faith helped her persevere through the difficult times.

“I’ve lost, and I’ve been through some tough stuff, so I’m not saying lightly like ‘have joy all the time!’ I remember being at my dad’s deathbed, and being able to still feel joy,” said Kvell. “That is one thing in the Bible that is beyond our understanding and powerful. I wanted people to have joy and connect no matter what their circumstances are.”

During the pandemic, Amy put her book aside, and when everything seemed to get better, she was in the middle of life and wellness coaching school.

“They were like “Do you have that one thing you didn’t finish?” and I was like “yeah,” Kvell stated. “They were like “Get it off the computer!” so I was motivated and got the book published. In May, I became a bestselling author. I was shocked – it blew up way bigger than I anticipated.”

As a young woman, journaling was a big part of Amy’s life. Her journals have since turned into something powerful that inspires many.

“I’m always writing stuff down because you never know how your life story can impact someone else,” she explained. “My book is a lot of experience, and I also get to connect with a lot of people, so I use the wisdom that they’ve given me through all of these fun conversations in the book, too.

Although Kvell is a Christian book author, her target audience for readers isn’t just other Christians. Amy is looking for her book to reach all people, no matter their religious beliefs.

“With a theater background, a lot of my theater friends weren’t Christian, they were the complete opposite,” stated Kvell. “How could God love me because I am different?” I think differently now, I think outside the box. I’m all about helping the people who think outside the box as well because God made us all unique. I want to connect with those people.”

Amy’s key editor of her book is not a strong believer in Christianity. This helps Kvell gain another perspective with her writing.

“That is why the book includes life-coaching content and it’s got some Bible,” she said. “Some of the people who have loved and reviewed the book aren’t even Christian, and say “This book changed my life.”

In the book, Amy explains the importance of keeping a “healthy people’s schedule.” This helps readers prioritize the most important aspects of their lives, and let everything else “fall into place.”

“When do you take the time to be still and quiet, and relax? If God is not a part of your life, how does that relate to you? Amy asked. “Well, are you putting in the things that bring you happiness? Are you exercising? Eating healthy? Hanging out with your friends? You know, the things that light you up.”

There are a variety of fun pieces of content in Amy’s book, from photography to journal prompts, and even recipes.

“Go. Make this cheese pie. Experience what it’s like to eat at a table with all of your friends and take a pause,” Kvell added.

Of all the ‘small hinges’ mentioned in the book, the one that impacts Amy the most is finding a friend group.

“You are who you hang out with. You’re going to want to find people who inspire you and are going in the direction you want to go,” Amy stated. “I am not going to hang out with people who don’t make me feel good about myself, or that is going to distract me or pull me away from my goals. That’s not what brings us joy.”

Amy is currently in the process of creating new projects. She has taken over 70 kids to a retreat called Limitless.

“One of the things as a motivational speaker and life coach that I love doing the most is creating retreats and helping people connect; not only with each other but also with the Lord,” Kvell said.

Amy is constantly on the road, speaking and spreading the word of Faith and joy.

“After this retreat, I am going to be focusing on creating a podcast called “Small Hingin’ It,” and I am excited!” Kvell announced. “We are going to be discussing what ‘small hingin’ it’ looks like, how we do that, and we are going to bring in some people who are starting to apply the book to their life.”

Kvell is also planning on writing a second book, and is thinking about titling it: “Excuse the Mess, I’m Remodeling.”

“God has given us this temple, and our temples are not perfect. We are forever remodeling. It’s okay to say “I am a mess, now what are we gonna do about it?”

Amy’s book has also inspired a ministry! “Small Hinges Ministries” is a non-profit that focuses on helping to empower women and encourage them to find more joy in their lives, homes, and communities.

“We are teaming up with Empowered Women Create, a local nonprofit that supports and empowers artisan groups of women around the world to create sustainable income and get out of poverty and sex trafficking,” Kvell stated. “We have a 100-person retreat this March for women called Small Hinges Make Room at Eagle Sky of the Ozarks.”

In April, Amy will be touring St. Louis for another 100-person retreat of women and teens.

“It is amazing what God does when you are a ‘yes girl’ for Jesus!” said Kvell.

Make sure to follow Amy Kvell on all of her social media platforms to stay updated on her upcoming events and projects.

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook under ‘Amy Kvell.’ Also, check out the newest episodes of Amy’s podcast! You can find links on her social media!

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