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How Farmington High School is Preventing Driving Under the Influence

Tim Banger
Former Farmington High School student, Nora Berkbigler, participating in the 2023 Mock Accident.

Farmington High School is taking steps to prevent students from becoming victims of irresponsible driving. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a third of vehicular fatalities involving alcohol occur between April and June, which is right around the time of prom for most high schools.

The Prom Crash at FHS aims to inform students about irresponsible and impaired driving dangers. Sgt. Sam Weekley, a School Resource Officer at Farmington High School, conducts the Prom Crash each year.

“The prom crash is a mock accident scenario that simulates a drunk driving crash that involves students and the ramifications that can result,”

— Sgt. Sam Weekley

A presentation given by Sgt. Weekley follows the Mock Accident. Weekley and several important guest speakers (like Highway Patrol Officers) inform students about the consequences of driving under the influence. During the presentation, guest speakers will show students a video of real crashes that have happened in Missouri. Then, Weekley and the guest speakers will ask students about their takeaways from the mock crash.

“My hope is that students take away an understanding of the dangers of impaired/distracted driving and use this to make good decisions and to stay safe on prom night and any time they get into a vehicle,” said Weekley.

Students must understand the importance of being cautious while driving. There are many ways accidents can occur, but there are also safety measures put in place to prevent accidents.

“Accidents can be caused by many reasons including impaired or distracted driving, and accidents can occur any given time, not just prom night,” Weekley stated. “Safety measures that anyone can do is to wear seatbelts while in a moving vehicle and to make sure no one drives impaired or distracted.”

Friends of former FHS student, Aiden Moriarty, have gotten to experience being involved in the Mock Accident.

“From what I have heard from my peers, it is an eye-opening experience,” she explained. “I have friends that had the opportunity to go into the body bag, and they always explain how frightening it is.”

Aiden believes that the Mock Accident is beneficial to the student body at FHS and teaches valuable lessons.

“It seems like the Prom Crash allows the high school students to see just how precious life is, and why we should never take it for granted,” Moriarty concluded.

The Prom Crash/Mock Accident will take place on April 18, 2024.

For any questions regarding this year’s Mock Accident, reach out to Sgt. Sam Weekley at [email protected] or, for any concerns regarding safe driving, visit

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