Spring Break On A Budget


Mady Buerck


Spring Break; the glorious week of freedom everyone is waiting for. You hear of everyone else’s exciting plans, “I’m going to the beach,” “I’m going to Mexico,” “I’m going to the Grand Canyon,” but your own pockets consist of 50 cents, peach capstick, and 3 years of lint buildup. It is hard enough to have fun in small town Farmington, and it is even worse when everyone else is off somewhere else. Despite all the setbacks we have, and as Khalid would say, here is how to make the most of your spring break when you’re a young, dumb, broke high school kid in Farmington, Missouri! (Okay, I added the last part).

  • Go on a long sunset drive

Nothing feels better than perfectly warm sunshine and the subtle breeze of spring. Roll the windows down, grab a pop from Sonic, grab your friends, blast your favorite playlist, and drive around each neighborhood until the sun melts pink.

  • Catch a movie

Salty, crisp popcorn and a cool soda sound good right about now. Nothing better than to pair them with a new movie. Go to the theater and enjoy a couple hours of pure bliss.

  • Bake a bunny cake

Everyone loves tradition, and a bunny cake is one of mine. Every year, I look forward to seeing the bunny-shaped deliciousness around spring time. You won’t be disappointed to add this to a list of your own spring traditions!

  • Sidewalk chalk

Why did everyone stop doing this in middle school? Be creative and enjoy the weather at the same time by graffiting the sidewalks of our town. Create a masterpiece… and if you can’t, it’ll wash away!

  • Go on a walk

The weather is AMAZING. Put on your favorite sneakers, grab earbuds, and take a blissful walk. Whether this be throughout the park, Elephant Rocks, or your backyard, all will make you feel amazing!

  • Have a picnic

Everyone has a blanket laying around, and sandwiches are easy and cheap to make. Whether it be in your backyard, bedroom floor, or at the top of a trail, picnics are an easy way to make a meal fun. Don’t forget dessert!

  • Fly a Kite

The winds in Farmington have been crazy. Take advantage of the perfect kite flying opportunity, and bring a friend! You’re never too old to run with the wind.

  • Game night

Bust out those dusty boards and cards. Pop some popcorn. Invite friends and family, and have a fun night of lighthearted competition. Nothing beats quality time with loved ones.

  • Have a photoshoot

Often, we feel more comfortable behind the camera, so, instead have a friend or someone you are comfortable with come along. With someone you love behind the lense, your photoshoot is sure to be fun. Pick out a crazy outfit, find a location, and look amazing.

  • A cleanse!

Humans like to collect things, and we often find ourselves with meaningless items or more things then we need. Instead of keeping your items locked up with little use, clear yourself of the items that no longer give your life joy. Be free and live with less ties. Besides, it’s time to trash the candy wrapper from your first sleepover in middle school…