Christmas decorations before or after Thanksgiving?


The holiday seasons are here and people are always arguing about whether or not to put Christmas decorations out before or after Thanksgiving. Some people would argue that Thanksgiving should be celebrated by itself and not surrounded by Christmas decorations.

Some argue that Christmas decorations are allowed to be put up before Thanksgiving because it’s just a one day holiday and Christmas is ongoing. When interviewing some students of FHS, they were asked if it’s acceptable for Christmas decorations to go up before Thanksgiving and here’s what they had to say about the conflict.

“Absolutely, I think it’s okay because Christmas only comes around a certain time of year, so why not make it last as long as possible and Thanksgiving is a good, solid holiday but I don’t think it’s as widely celebrated as Christmas and I think Christmas has a lot more to it so why not have the joy around a lot longer,” says Alana Masters.

Kaylee Smith says, “I don’t have anything against it. Personally I think you should put your Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving but Christmas lights outside or just any decorations gives you a head start on the holiday and puts you in the Christmas spirit.”

“Me, personally, I think you should put the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, that way you can get in the Christmas spirit even before you start eating,” says Madelynn Washington.

Addy Coppaway says, “Yes, I put up my christmas tree and decorations the day of thanksgiving. Whether people decide to put up decorations in their house or not, it’s 100% their decision.”

People put their tree up at different times during the holidays. The important thing is that we all come together during these times and get in the holiday spirit. Whether your family decides to decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving, after, or before, you can still be merry and bright during the holidays.