Donald Trump’s Response to the Destruction of the Carolinas


By: Breanna Mathes
President Donald Trump visited the storm-destroyed Carolinas on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018.  At the news that at least 36 people died as the result of the devastating Hurricane Florence, Mr. Trump said that the country was in mourning with those who lost the ones they loved due to the storm. The President quoted: “America grieves with you and our hearts break for you. God bless you. We will never forget your loss.  To all those impacted by this terrible storm, our entire American family is with you and ready to help. You will recover.”
Later, the President traveled to Conway, South Carolina, where flood waters were thought to rise once again as early as the following Friday.  Talking to first responders at the Horry County Emergency Operations Center, the President warned about the coming waters, saying: “It’s going to get rough for South Carolina.”
He also promised, with a group of local state officials, the full support of the federal government.  “Washington is with you, Trump is with you, we are all with you 100% and we’ll get through it,” said the President, also adding, “Anything you need, you know how to call me.”
See, a few weeks previous to Mr. Trump’s visit, the powerful Hurricane Florence destroyed the area it encompassed, leaving debris and excess flooding behind.  Now, as the storm finally cleared off, the citizens of the area were seeking help in repairing the damage it left behind and the lives it undoubtedly scarred. Although the storm may be finished, its effects will linger in the minds of many.