Wildlife Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photo


Sascha Fonesca

The award-winning picture captured in the Himalayans by Fonesca

Photography is a career path that requires incredible skill and tremendous courage. Photographers get as close as possible to dangerous objects and situations to bring us incredible pictures. They have to physically be somewhere that most of us are too fearful to go in order to make us feel like we were there. Every photographer strives for perfection, and dreams of the day that they take a shot so powerful or meaningful that it lives on for generations. Sascha Fonesca, a German photographer, has taken one of the best of our generation.

The captivating landscape of the Indian Himalayas is on full display in this breathtaking image that captures a rare snow leopard, as well as a perfect Bluish-pink sunset. The combination of natural beauty from one of the world’s most incredible landscapes, as well as that of one of its rarest creatures, makes the image almost unbelievable. For that reason, the image was chosen by a vote as the Wildlife Photographer of the year award, a tremendous accomplishment for Fonesca. Hopefully, this recognition will bring attention and support to the cause that makes it so special, preserving the beauty of the snow leopard for generations to come.

As of right now, snow leopards are endangered in the wild according to snowleopardconservancy.org. They are hunted for their coats, and their organs, which are used in many traditional Asian medicines. Like many of the World’s creatures, this species is in danger of going extinct if drastic changes are not made. Legislation must be made to protect these creatures from poaching, and people must be extra sure to research where their food and medicine comes from.