Out With The Old In With The New


Many people love and enjoy making or observing art. There are a lot of unknown artists wandering around the school, drawing in their notebooks and not letting anyone but their closest friends see their artwork. But keeping your artwork sheltered and hidden may prevent you from being a better artist. People have their own way of drawing or painting, sharing your way of drawing or painting not only increases your confidence in your artwork but draws people in. Artwork can express feelings and emotions such as joy and anger, different pieces of art tell a different story, sharing your artwork with people is telling your story. This is why I encourage you to enter the Art Blooms Banner Contest.

Each Art Blooms contest has a theme, last year’s theme was spaces and places, most kids went really literal with their drawing “outer space”, other’s did their favorite places. Now that it is a new year the foregoing banners have been taken down. This year’s contest theme is very “hush hush and is never shared” as Mrs.Canter states. Everyone finds out the theme of the contest over winter break. Mrs.Canter says that she is very excited and can’t wait to find out what this year’s theme is.

I asked Mrs.Canter if she would be judging this year and she said “I do not judge the contest. Since I have students that enter the contest, that would be unethical.” The people who do judge the contest however are The Mineral Area Arts Council. To make the contest fairer the council covers the students’ names on their artwork to keep it anonymous.

If you are interested in entering the contest it begins after winter break and runs through the month of January. I hope that a lot of artists decide to enter the contest and show their work to everyone. Good luck !