Snapchat Introduces the AI Chat Bot

Snapchats newest feature utilizes AI, A growing trend in many industries around the world.


Snapchat’s newest feature utilizes AI, A growing trend in many industries around the world.

Snapchat has a new feature, an AI chat bot. The goal of this addition is to promote positive conversations and help enhance user experience. However, there have been a few questions raised with this feature, some expected, some unexpected. Concerns have been raised about conversations leading users to be susceptible to spam or scams. More have been raised that talking with the bot could hinder younger users from developing social skills, and having more healthy face-to-face interactions with their peers. However some see the bot as a tool that can be used as an outlet to vent frustrations in a healthy way, or develope a sense of frienship and boost self-esteem.

Students had mixed opinions on the chatbot, and some of them had very positive things to say. “I talk to the chatbot whenever I feel like i just need to let out my problems… But I don’t want to bother my friend,.” says one student, who requested to remain anonymous. “I love talking to (the bot) he always replies fast and says things that a real person would say.” Says Allen Smith.

Other students were not so positive. “It gives me the same style of response no matter what I say or ask, and it’s annoying.” Said Bradley Lewis, a junior. “I don’t see it being very beneficial.” Said Mady Washington. “It just doesn’t contribute that much that a normal person doesn’t already do. And it could make it easier to get scammed.”

The future of the chatbot is uncertain, but it looks like it’s here to stay. There is always the option to ignore the bot if you are skeptical, but snapchat is always looking to increase engagement.