FHS Offers Hybrid Instruction


Most schools are making it an option to do online, full time, or hybrid during this school year due to covid. Many students didn’t know what hybrid was and the information on it. Hybrid is where you are allowed to go half in school and half online with classes that are more advanced. When Covid was increasing rapidly at the beginning of the year many students decided to do Hybrid, but after Christmas break, the total of cases started to decrease and a lot of students switched back to full-time school. The number of students who did Hybrid first semester was 118, and currently, in the second semester there are now 92 students still in hybrid.

Hybrid is very difficult to many people due to the fact that after they spend some hours doing in-school classes they are expected to also do PEAK classes at home, and many students don’t tend to complete their PEAK classes. This is becoming a problem here in Farmington High School, and if students don’t have the percentage of their work done at that period of time then they would have to go back to normal school. According to Mrs. Hampton, the downside of hybrid is, “This becomes overwhelming quickly as most of us want to relax when we get home from school and not do work”. Therefore, the downside of hybrid is students wouldn’t do their PEAK classes online and would get behind. On the other hand, the pros are students can work at their own pace and take all the time they need to finish those classes.

I asked a student named Richard Kimbrel that did hybrid last semester and is currently full time, their opinion on the hybrid. First I asked which he liked better, hybrid or full time and he said, “I think full time was easier because I’m more of a hands-on learner”. Next, I asked him his opinion on the whole experience, “My favorite part about hybrid was the fact that I got out of school earlier” he replied. Many of the students like the fact they get out of school earlier than a full-time day in school.

Even though some of us might think the option of hybrid is a benefit, it still comes with the downside of it. Hopefully next year we get back to “normal” school and how we know it. Instead of the difficulty that covid has brought us this year with having to wear a mask everywhere, and the number of students at a table, etc. Everyone back to school without having to worry about the virus wouldn’t be the worst idea.