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Addison Hubbard Elected Junior Class President for the 2024-2025 School Year

Addison Hubbard smiles big for the camera.

With the school year coming to an end, new class officers have been selected for the 2024-2025 school year. Addison Hubbard, the newly elected junior Class President at Farmington High School, has a passion for leadership and a commitment to making a positive impact.

Hubbard has been a member of the student council for two years now. Starting in 2023, Addison became the Secretary of the Class of 2026. Through her time in student council, Hubbard has enjoyed every moment, and is looking forward to her role as Class President in the upcoming school year.

Addison is involved in several clubs and organizations at FHS, including student council, Future Healthcare Professionals (HOSA), and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). While being Junior Class President for the 24-25 school year, Hubbard has many important and specific goals.

“My main goal is to achieve a closer class bond and more participation in school events,” Hubbard explained. “Hosting events specifically for the Class of 2026 will help give a place to talk and interact with people in our grade that you may otherwise not talk to at school! For participation, I believe that making sure the Word is spread in advance and with as many details as possible is the best way to increase participation!”

The title of “Class President” is prominent to uphold. Addison is planning on using this title to bring about positive change in the climate of FHS and within the Class of 2026.

“To me, class president means being the voice for the Class of 2026,” said Hubbard. “I want everyone to feel like they have a say in how their highschool experience goes! In my eyes, advocating for change, improvements, and everything in between is the biggest responsibility to uphold.”

As Class President, it is important to target specific concerns within the school climate and combat them in the best way possible. There are many areas that Addison would like to improve and shed light on.

“As class president, I hope to improve our schools’ inclusivity and participation,” Hubbard stated. “I believe it is important to have a place and a community where you can feel supported and encouraged to be your best self. I want to ensure that everyone feels like they have a place at FHS and that they know all the possibilities and opportunities that are here for them! I also want students to participate in the amazing opportunities that FHS provides for us! I hope to show students that it’s not weird to participate in spirit days or go to sporting events to support fellow classmates.”

Addison believes it is crucial to get more students involved in school activities throughout the year. She also believes that the memories you make during high school are important, and that is why being involved is key. She hopes to achieve this by encouraging students to come to sports games, participate in float building during Homecoming Week, and attend fundraising events.

Hubbard is planning on hosting many events during the upcoming school year to increase class bonding and make everyone feel they have a place in the school community.

“I hope to host events specifically for the Class of 2026,” she said. “These could range from simply taking down our Homecoming float to another game night like freshman year! I believe this will help give a place to talk and interact with people that you may not interact with everyday!”

There are many activities and events that Addison is looking forward to in the upcoming school year, such as Homecoming Week. Homecoming Week or HOCO, is designed to encourage school spirit leading up to the Homecoming football game at the end of the week. HOCO usually takes place in the fall, and the week includes many fun activities. Homecoming week can also be described as ‘spirit week,’ as students have the opportunity to dress up for a specific theme each day.

“I am so excited for Homecoming week! Whether it’s decorating our class hallway with fellow ‘26 StuCo members, float building, or designing our class shirt, I love every part about the week,” described Hubbard. “It is so fun and rewarding to see our class come together during spirit days and work together at float building. Homecoming week can be stressful at times, but it is overall so worth it to see how much everyone enjoys the fun week!”

“Class of 2026, thank you for being the best class ever! I am so excited to be the voice for our class this next year and to continue to work together to accomplish our goals!”

— Addison Hubbard

Addison Hubbard is more than excited to start the upcoming school year. Alongside Hubbard will be sophomore Vice President, Anna Cox, Secretary Emma Schweiss, and Treasurer Clare Maloney. Be sure to congratulate the following members when you see them!

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