Woman’s History Month


Picture from canva.com

Every year on March 8th women all across the world are celebrated.Their history, struggles and accomplishments are honored. This holiday originally began in March 1911 after California celebrated Women’s History Week.

When students at FHS were asked what their thoughts on Women’s rights in America there were many different opinions. Many believed that women’s rights had come a long way, but there was still a lot that needed to be worked on.

One student said, “I would certainly like to see the pay gap decrease, as I said it’s ridiculous that women get less money for a job that a man gets payed 30% more for. The US has a long way to go in terms of equality between sex’s, genders, sexuality’s, races, religion etc.”

Issues related to women’s rights have risen every day. One major issue was brought to the nation’s attention last week when a female college athlete posted on her social media a picture of the NCAA Women’s Bubble weight room for the March Madness Tournament.. The Women’s weight consisted of one rack of weights, in which the heaviest dumbbells were about thirteen pounds, and a stack of yoga mats. On the other hand, the NCAA Men’s Bubble weight room consisted of many benches and much more equipment. NCAA responded that there wasn’t enough space for the women’s weight room, but they were proven wrong when a video was posted of all the space that was available for a weight room.

Many famous athletes and TV personalities posted on their social media platforms expressing how disappointing this was. ESPN Host and Sports Analyst, Maria Taylor said “This is unacceptable. Ladies… you deserve so much better.” Stephen Curry also retweeted the picture of the Womens weight room saying “wow-come on now! @marchmadness @NCAA yall trippin trippin.”.

Because of the overwhelming reactions and responses from people all across the nation, the NCAA has started to add more equipment in the NCAA Women’s Bubble weight room.