Boys Basketball 1/15


The age old rivalry continued on February 1, as the Farmington Knights headed to North County to take on the Raiders. Going into the game they just had a big win over the Festus Tigers and advanced their record to 10-6 the Raiders were 12-5 going into this game.The game was very close in the first quarter with the Raiders up only one with a 17-16 lead over the Knights. In the second quarter, the Knights stayed right with the Raiders not allowing them to get a big lead. At the end of the first half the Raiders were up three and the Knights and the Raiders were both in the double bounce and most of the points came from the free throw line. The Knights came out in the third with a lot of energy but the Raiders matched it . The game got really interesting with junior Clayton crow getting ejected after making hard contact with Isaiah Robinson and the intensity didn’t stop there two North Country fans got kicked out of the game and it looked like the Knights were going to make the game theirs. But North Country did not let that happen by making free throws and taking care of the ball. The Raiders went 28 for 31 from the freethrow line. In all it was a great game and both teams went back in forth the whole game but in all the Raiders won with a 79-68 over the Knights.