The Presidential Race and Impeachment Updates


There has recently been an impeachment case filed from the House to impeach President Donald Trump, which started on November 13. Currently, the House is working on debating the rules of impeachment that the House Rules Committee decided on Tuesday. This morning, the Republicans submit two motions to consider to discontinue the impeachment case, both of which were denied. The House will vote tonight to determine if the case will go on to the Senate.

According to BBC, the House must find sufficient evidence and vote on the articles of impeachment where it must achieve a simple majority vote. If it gets past this, it will go to the Senate where the articles will be reviewed again in a trial and voted on. If the two-thirds of the Senate vote to impeach Trump, then he will be removed from office and current Vice-President Mike Pence will take over.

Many have been asking what the evidence is that would be enough to impeach Trump. Trump has been accused of using his current political power as president to affect the outcome of the upcoming 2020 election. One of Trump’s largest Democrat opponents is former vice-president, Joe Biden. Biden’s son worked in Ukraine while Biden was in office, and Trump called the President of Ukraine to attempt to dig up information on the Biden family. In addition to this, Trump is accused of using $400 million of military aid that Congress had already approved as a bargaining piece. There is a rough transcript of the call that Trump had with the Ukrainian President.

Trump defends himself saying that he has done nothing that should result in impeachment and that the Democrats are just on a “witch hunt.” According to Washington Post, a Democrat lawyer presented a summary for a case against Trump stating that Trump abused his powers. Many have said that Trump raises a threat to a fair election and American democracy.

This impeachment case could drastically affect the outcome of the upcoming 2020 election, as Trump is running for re-election. Joe Biden is leading currently leading the Democratic party as Kamala Harris recently dropped out due to a lack of funding. Though Biden is leading, Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, has announced his candidacy and is showing his tenacity. There are only two Republican candidates other than Trump, and both of them have announced their disapproval of Trump from the beginning, but many believe they do not stand a chance against him.