August Music Releases

New Music Releases: August 2018
Written by Ryan Fuemmeler
“still feel.” — (half•alive)
Half•alive released their funky single titled “still feel.” on August 3, 2018, the first release since their three track premier in 2017. The song began to receive recognition after their eccentric, 70’s inspired, highly choreographed music video went viral on Twitter, then gaining three million views on YouTube for the indie newcomers. The video is seemingly only one take, gliding around a neon lit room as the three band members show off their interesting and almost illusionary dance moves. The rhythmic and lively beat of the song allows for a fun and dancey vibe.
Watch the music video here:
Bloom— (Troye Sivan)
Bloom is the second studio album from the singer/songwriter Troye Sivan. Leading to the album’s release Sivan began occasionally dropping songs from the album as singles. First, Sivan released “My My My!” in January 2018 followed quickly a week later by “The Good Side.” He then ensued with the namesake song “Bloom” in May 2018. Again, leading up to the album’s release, he dropped an unexpected track featuring Ariana Grande in June. Finally, Sivan announced “Animal” only a few weeks from the album’s release. Bloom features five additional songs not previously distributed as singles. Overarchingly, the album focuses on the topic of love, loss, and personal growth playing on the classic themes of pop with a dance twist.
Standout songs:

  • “My My My!”
  • “Plum”
  • “Lucky Strike”

“TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” is currently the third single of four released this year by The 1975. The British, four-member band have been occasionally dropping singles this year in succession of their new album “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships,” planned to release this November. “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships” will be the band’s third album after their widely successful, self-titled debut album, “The 1975” and their sophomore album “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.” The new album is highly awaited for its likely long list of bops as the deluxe edition of “The 1975” featured a whopping thirty nine songs. The band are then planning on releasing another full-length album titled “Notes on a Conditional Form,” planned to release in 2019.
Love Me / Love Me Not— (HONNE)
Love Me / Love Me Not is the fourth album from the English synth-pop duo, HONNE. They take their name from the Japanese idea of “true feelings.” The album plays on unique musical accents within each song, ultimately creating the distinct discography of HONNE. All twelve songs seem varied within their electronic style and elements, yet still form an exciting and cohesive series of songs. Love Me / Love Me Not overarchingly features unexpectancy — songs take twist and turns, changing dynamics and sounds. Two songs from the album may be described as different genres, yet HONNE manages to create well-produced and interesting songs that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.
Standout songs:

  • “I Might”
  • “Day 1”
  • “Shrink”

Souldier— (Jain)
Souldier is the second album from the French artist, Jain. Jain’s style is extremely unique and lively due to the cultural influence from her childhood. Jain grew up in United Arab Emirates and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the sounds of those cultures are evident in her music. Her classical ethnic elements are blended with a fun, upbeat dance and electronic sound, creating a interesting contrast of musical accents. Souldier may not be in everyone’s liking, but is definitely a change of pace from mainstream American music.
Standout Songs:

  • “Inspecta”
  • “Dream”
  • “Flash (Pointe-Noire)”