Teens & Tattoos

Breaynna Owens


Tattoos are popular in this generation, especially among younger people. Some FHS students, including myself, have a tattoo(s), so this article is informing you about acquiring tattoos, or at least giving some knowledge about them…  
Tattoos were discovered around 3370 – 3100 BC. It was found on the body of Otzi The Iceman, where it had started originating. In 150 CE, Galen performed “Medical Tattooing.” This treatment is used to treat a condition or mark a body location. Tattooing was a common use in Ancient Egypt, also used among Romans and Greeks. As generations came, tattoos still managed to remain popular and are still becoming more creative. Since 2017, A Pew Research Center study said, “38% of young people ages 18 – 29 have at least one tattoo.”
Why are tattoos so popular? – Not much is known about why tattoos still remain popular, but some have said, “It reminds us of what we’ve been through and it’s a reminder that we’re still here.” Demi Lovato, who struggled with self-harm, had tattooed “STAY STRONG” on her wrists. Celebrities including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Ed Sheeran have tattoos, which might be a big reason younger people are starting to want tattoos.
If you want a tattoo 16+, there are places that will allow. Although, there will be precautions required for getting a tattoo…

  • Parent or legal guardian present – must have identity to prove.
  • Written consent or parent/guardian present at the procedure.
  • Birth certificate of minor getting tattoo.

With having a tattoo myself, I encourage that you will need consent of your parent/guardian (possibly with you during procedure) and your birth certificate if you are under age 18. During the procedure, it will hurt temporarily, depending on where your tattoo is. After the procedure is done, the tattoo will scab and eventually fall away, leaving it permanently on your skin. The scabbing will last 2 – 3 weeks, possibly less if washed properly several times a day. Your tattooist should recommend certain ointments to put over the tattoo, but any antibacterial ointments are recommended. It is to be put on each time after you wash your tattoo, and make sure your tattoo doesn’t dry out.
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