Club Crashers – All About Key Club

Anna Hansen


With about 60 students enrolled, Key Club is one of the biggest and oldest clubs at Farmington High School. The club that was founded in 1925 in California emphasizes on helping out people in the community. Their: “Caring – Our way of Life” motto is put into action by their Trips to Ben Nor where they give out food to senior citizens or at Habitat for Humanity where they build a house for a needing family among a ton of other activities.
Vice-President Melaina Files says about the club: “I enjoy being a member of key club for various reasons.  Being able to take time out of the day to attend the needs of others is truly uplifting. We aren’t doing these events to earn hours, or for a grade, but simply out of the kindness in our hearts.  My favorite event FHS key club routinely participates in is delivering food to the residents at the Ben Nor apartments. Every second Friday of the month, anywhere from 3-10 key club members spend a couple of hours transporting food from the local food pantry to these apartments.  The residents are beyond grateful, and plan their month around this day. It restores my hope in humanity everytime I see the selflessness these individuals have while receiving their food. Several of them offer us a cold beverage during the hot days, and some don’t let us leave without a hug.  I strongly suggest everyone give key club a chance, because it truly has impacted my life in such a positive way!”
We also talked with President Mady Buerck, who said it is still possible to be part of Key-Club this year, if you can’t wait to get started. She encourages people to join Key Club, because as she says: “The best thing you can do is to do good for others, and in the end, it will make yourself feel better too.”
Want to join?
Doesn’t it sound amazing! If you wanna be part of making a difference contact any officer to learn more.
The Office
President: Mady Buerck
Vice-president: Melaina Files
Secretatian: Jenna Nguyen
Treasurer: Taylor Stamm
Sponsor: Ms Mosier & Ms Carr