Cardinals Look to Sneak Into Postseason in Home Stretch


Alyssa Barnes

The Return of the Rally Squirrel: STL Cardinals Update

Nobody expected that the St. Louis Cardinals would escape their mediocre streak this season. But, to every fan’s surprise, they did just that. They currently stand in the 3rd ranking with 78 wins, underneath the Cubs with 83 wins, and the Brewers with 79 wins.
32-year-old Matt Carpenter is currently their number one ranked player. This season, he set a team record of 12 extra base hits in a row. The team claims Carpenter could have found the solution to exiting their streak of mediocre games and into winning with his famous salsa. He made this salsa at home with tomatoes he grew in his garden, and has been eating it before each game. When his “salsa streak” started, he hit 5 home runs in just 4 games.
The famous “Rally Squirrel” made a return Sunday night during their game against the Tigers. Shortly after the squirrel scurried across the field, the team managed to obtain 5 runs. This was his first return since 2011. That year, the Cards went on to win the world series. If looked at closely enough, the squirrel can be seen inside the World Series ring.
Players and fans hope the squirrel will continue to bring them good luck in their series with the Pittsburgh Pirates that is currently going on.
August was a good month for St. Louis, only losing 6 out of their 28 games.
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