Cross Country Team Runs Into Sectionals


By: Breanna Mathes
On October 20th, 2018, two weeks following the boys and girls Conference win at Potosi after nearly a decade of losses, the varsity girls cross country runners raced at districts and qualified for sectionals as a team for the first time in seven years by placing third overall!  On the boys side, varsity runner Thomas Lee, a junior, individually placed 25th at districts, putting himself in position to race at sectionals, also, and helping the boys team be ranked seventh overall!
See, in the sport of cross country, it is equally as much an individual sport as a team sport.  The individual aspect is certainly cool, especially because one can push them-self as hard is their body can allow; they can challenge them-self, without worrying about anybody else and improving their skills whilst still being able to compete and medal.  This works out well if you have less than five people running in a race, because you must have at least five to seven to help score points. However, having a group of five to seven runners who all push themselves is even more effective and rewarding.  Not only can the group of five score points and the other two “knock away” fellow competitors, but they can advance together.  They can incorporate strategies and rely on each other for help, such as any common sport like basketball or soccer.
Moreover, heading to sectionals is an honoring and great experience due to the fact that the teams and individual competitors there have all very much earned their way into the race, unlike districts where you just have to be on varsity to be eligible to compete or the other meets earlier during the season in which were not as crucial or as big of a deal.  In order to pass to the state competition on November third, a runner must place 30th or better individually at sectionals or receive fourth place or better as a team. The pressing feelings of anticipation will certainly be on the rise as the race approaches!
Ella Moriarty, a freshman on the varsity team, noted: “Going to districts was intimidating,  but getting into sectionals as a team is very thrilling.”
Ellie Hinson, also a freshman on the varsity team, said: “It will be an exciting experience to go through, and all of our hard work paid off!”
Natasja Haffner, a senior on the varsity team, quoted: “I’m pretty excited because it’s my last year to be able to go to sectionals.  And I think it’s really cool that for the first time since 2011 we go as a team.”
Additionally, the girls varsity team will once again be wearing their Breast Cancer Awareness jerseys at sectionals, as they did at districts, also.
In conclusion, districts was successful, and sectionals is now on it’s way, taking place on October 27th in Washington, Missouri.