Manatees affect many other types of animals in the ocean.

Recently, Florida Manatees have endured extreme dangers to their health and habitat. Some of these dangers consist of global warming, irresponsible humans in the ocean, and harmful chemicals destroying the environment around them. Scientists often worry that humans are uneducated on the effect they have on the ocean. Organizations and clubs are trying to spread awareness, however it is complicated for them to take action because of many peoples

The importance of manatees is engraved into their functioning ecosystem. As manatees eat seagrass, they are helping to maintain the growth of plants in the ocean. The Defenders of Wildlife have said that, “Manatees are also important sources of fertilization for sea grasses and other submerged aquatic vegetation.” If the manatees did not eat the seagrass, it would over grow and branch into the shallower parts of the ocean. This is dangerous to the food cycle within the ocean.

Chemicals put into the ocean by humans has resulted in the growth of harmful algae on to seagrass, a main food source for the manatees. According to Amy Green, an environmental and climate change journalist for Inside Climate News, has said that, “Fertilizers, produced mainly from natural gas, and septic tanks have triggered harmful algae blooms.” This has been going on for a while now and the poorly built pipe systems have only failed the ocean that they reside in.

Humans have invaded many of the manatees’ environment, which has caused an increase in their deaths. Boat strikes have killed a high number of manatees as well. The Biological Diversity Organization reported that, “At least 593 Florida manatees died in 2020, including 90 from boat strikes.” Researchers have found that many manatees have scars on their backs from the grazing of boats. Members of conservation groups are advocating for stricter boat laws in an attempt to keep boats away from places where manatees are heavily populated.

The main source of help for the manatees is mainly through fundraisers, donations, petitions, and clubs. Many clubs such as the Save the Manatee Club work to recover and preserve the ocean environment in order to help the manatees. Pat Rose, a member of the Save the Manatee club had said that, “If you don’t believe it’s a serious issue and it’s going to be a short-term problem, you’re not going to put the scientific effort into it, or the political effort, or the management practices into place to prevent those declines in the future.” Many people working in this field argue that while the club members are making a difference, it will take a lot more people in order for there to be consistent change.