Global Warming 101


If we look at our world today there are some things that you may not have heard of that are being affected by greenhouse gases. A couple of examples being, that sea levels rising 8 inches since 1870, and many icebergs in Antarctica melting some the size of New York. It is also causing drastic changes in temperatures throughout the world, places appearing warmer than normal. We as a society have a huge impact on global warming and there are things we can do to reduce the number of greenhouse gases. Things that reduce greenhouse gases are using bikes instead of cars, planting trees, and the production of energy-efficient light bulbs. Are ways in which we can reduce the number of greenhouse gases.

To understand global warming it is important to know how it was first discovered and how it is significant. According to this article about the history of global warming, French physicist Fourier was the one to discover the Earth in fact retains heat. Known as the greenhouse effect, which refers back to Earth’s atmosphere acting like a blanket. This later led to Russian climatologist Budyko in the 1960s publishing two books explaining that this would Ultimately cause Earth to heat up. These scientists proved that global warming was in fact real and gave us an idea of how what we do can affect the environment. As FHS science teacher Mr. Huitt put it, “disrupts our weather patterns…[it cause it to be] warm in places it shouldn’t be”

According to an article on global warming , it is the average of Earth’s temperature the greenhouse gases collect in our atmosphere like a blanket and heat the heart. Greenhouse gases are what make it possible for us to live on Earth but overusing these gases can cause the Earth to get too warm. Examples of these gases would be Carbon Dioxide, Methana, and Ozone. Diving in deep into global warming some may say can help us to better understand our planet.

In brief, some may say global warming is becoming more and more relevant and is an important topic. Global warming shows how much of an effect we really have on our environment and plant. The greenhouse effect plays a big part in global warming, by trapping heat to make this planet livable for all life. Having too much heat in the atmosphere, causes our planet to be too warm and makes temperatures rise. This is causing the melting of the arctic, and rising sea levels. By reducing the number of greenhouse gases we use can play a big part in lessening the effects of Global warming. This can be done by using more energy-efficient products, and using cars less, etc…As Mr.Huitt says, “finding a way [to use] greenhouse gases for good instead of leaving them in the atmosphere” is how we can change it around.