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Collin Roth

Collin Roth, TV Staff

Hobbies: Gaming, Guitar, and Computer technology

Quote: ” If you're reading this I'm surprised you're here” Collin Roth 2021

Theme Song: “Here Comes the Sun” The Beatles

Favorite content creator: I don't have a necessary favorite since I like many content creators.

My spirit animal is and why - OWL- because and I quote from the website “spirit animal Owl is the symbol of wisdom and intuition. That means people with spirit animal Owl can see true reality beyond the illusion. They also can see the hidden things that others don’t see them. If the Owl is your spirit animal, you are interested in the mysteries of life and like to explore unknowns. The traditional symbol of Owl is the announcer of death and, most likely, a change. If you have an Owl as a spirit animal, you should expect something new and a change in your life. For example, quitting old habits.”


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Collin Roth