Fall Sports Banquet


By: Breanna Mathes
Now that all fall sports are wrapped up, it’s time to honor all of their accomplishments and memories! Although winter breezes are steadily wafting in, the achievements of the several teams are still alive. Farmington High School fall sports include: football, volleyball, softball, cross country, boys soccer, boys swim team, girls tennis, and girls golf.
Conducting banquets are a great thing to do because it’s a nice way to close that season’s activities, especially for seniors who are most likely reluctant to let their last high school fall sports season come to a close.  Coaches can be very creative in how and when they put on their banquets. They can either be at the school, somewhere else and/or with another FHS fall sports team. These banquets are simply a good thing to do in respect to the past activity.
The girl’s tennis banquet is Monday, November 19th, at 12 West at six o’clock.  The cross country banquet is on Tuesday, November 20th, at a six p.m. at the high school.  The volleyball banquet will be on November 27th at six at the high school in the lower cafe.  The football and softball banquet was on November 13th at six o’clock at the high school. As for boys soccer, boys swim, and girls golf, information was not able to be found as to when their banquets will be or have been due to schedule changes.
In closing, despite the fact that it is disheartening that FHS fall sports for 2018 are over, these friendly and enjoyable banquets conclude the seasons gently and pleasantly, happily reliving the days the sport was in session and taking part in rewarding prizes to certain teammates, like the MVP or Most-Improved Award and such.  After all, even though the activity is done, how could it not deserve some praise and recalling?