24th Anniversary of Friends


By: Melaina Files
On September 22nd, 1994, arguably the greatest television show of all time was released.  Today, 24 years after the first airing of the sitcom Friends, many trends seem to originate from the desire to be like the main characters.  
Monica and Rachel’s style has evolved into the hip trends of millennials and post-millennials today.  Ever since the show was produced, the cute styles of the main characters influenced viewers immediately.  Rachel’s hair prompted everyone to get similar haircuts in the 90’s. Today, nearly 25 years later, mom jeans can be found in just about every teenagers closet.  

Pictured above is Junior Emily Gosling
wearing her own pair of mom jeans,
a red ribbed turtle neck, a scrunchie (of course),
and her white Adidas shoes.  
Embracing her inner Jennifer Aniston!
The sense of humor from friends still resonates to that of most individuals today.  Chandlers sarcastic jokes make the show more relatable. In fact, a YouTube video of 2 minutes and 20 seconds revealed an episode of Friends without jokes or a laugh track.  This means that about 18 minutes of the episode were composed of jokes and laughs. Ross’ witty sense of humor makes his charm grow among the young geeks of the world. Joey’s clueless humor often can remind viewers of that one friend they have who seems to be oblivious to everything around them, often lightening the mood in serious settings.  Phoebe’s unusual free spirit can also remind viewers that positivity can be found within EVERY situation, even if it seems impossible. Monica’s cleanliness often resembles that of a motherly figure, and often brings a good laugh when the other main characters mess with her vulnerability to clean areas. Rachel’s awareness of independence ultimately provides viewers with the reminder that you can always pick yourself back up in times of struggle.  All in all, every character of Friends adds their own touch to the show and the sense of humor and relation among viewers.
Social Aspect
Every viewer aspires to hold a bond with a diverse group of people like Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, and Ross do.  Each “friend” has a different bond with the others. The relationship between Rachel and Joey is different from the relationship between Rachel and Monica, and so on.  
Central perk sprung a popularity of drinking coffee, and even visiting coffee shops in general.  Today, most individuals enjoy spending time at coffee shops or even drinking coffee at home more than ever before.  Could Friends be to blame for this?