"Last Chance U" Season 3: Where Are They Now? *SPOILER ALERT*


Netflix’s Last Chance U Season 3 Stars: Where Are They Now?
By: Tycen Gray
Malik Henry – Quarterback
Malik did a poor job of building a solid reputation while starring on Season 3 of the Netflix documentary Last Chance U. He butted heads with the coaching staff constantly and it was apparent that Malik displayed a sort of indecisiveness and bipolar tendency throughout the season, and he became as polarizing as a character that we had seen throughout the documentary’s tenure. While everyone, even the producers of Last Chance U, were uncertain of where Henry was heading after Independence Community College, he ended up returning to the squad for the 2018 season and lead them to higher places from the quarterback position.
Brandon Bea – Quarterback
While not a particularly talkative piece in Season 3, we watched Brandon on the field quite a bit as Malik struggled with injuries and conflicts repeatedly. Bea has found himself a home at Boise State University in Idaho.
Rakeem Boyd – Running Back
Rakeem walked into ICC as possibly the most talented player on the entire roster. As soon as he came out of high school, experts and fans chattered about how he was a professional football player waiting to happen. He took a little detour with the JUCO route, and was spelled with an injury early. However, once healthy, Rakeem owned the turf and dazzled audiences everywhere. His talents earned him a spot in the SEC with the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas.
Kingston Davis – Running Back
If there was anybody on the Pirates’ roster that diminished their reputation as much as Malik Henry, it was Kingston Davis, an abnormally large running back. Kingston had his opportunities on the field, but the ball always seemed to be fumbled when Davis was given the football. Frustrated with his unfortunate stroke of bad luck, Davis decided to leave the football team, with questions surrounding his future. However, UAB took notice of Kingston’s physical superiority and signed him to the squad for the next couple of years.
Jamal Scott – Running Back
Viewed as the third-string running back at the beginning of the season, Jamal seized his opportunity when he rose to the occasion early in the season. Rakeem went down with an injury and Kingston could not produce, so Jamal Scott broke through for a couple huge games in the first few games, but ultimately he could not keep up with a healthy Rakeem Boyd in the end. Scott was not receiving too many looks, but he ended up at FCS program Eastern Illinois to round out his college football career.
Carlos Thompson – Wide Receiver
As speedy as the come, Carlos Thompson was not just fast on the field, but he was quick going in and out of colleges. Formerly at Texas Tech, Thompson could not keep up with the grades and could not stay out of the marijuana. Head coach Jason Brown reminded Carlos, who always had to get the last word in, of how many “chances” he has given him. It was without question that Thompson had a good heart, but his Division 1 clock had run out on him. He had to settle for playing at Division 2 school Missouri Western in the powerhouse conference of D2, the MIAA.
Calvin Jackson Jr. – Wide Receiver
Also not a talkative or spotlighted character, there is no denying that Calvin Jackson would always show up on the show with outrageous plays. These big-time catches earned him a spot on Mike Leach’s Washington State Cougars in Pullman.
Kerry Buckmaster – Offensive Line
Kerry Buckmaster was quite the opposite of the players he was surrounded by. A farm boy from north Nevada, Kerry grew up with essentially nothing, as he was forced to live with his aunt and uncle when his parents fell into drugs. Kerry claimed that when Independence became his only scholarship, he packed a bag of clothes, a Tupperware container full of spaghetti, and his notorious chewing tobacco (you will not find him without some in his lip) into his car (which had a back window busted out) and made the trip to Kansas. While plagued by a lingering injury, Buckmaster was able to find himself at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, which also plays in the MIAA.
Emmit Gooden – Defensive Line
The nasty and vicious Emmit Gooden not only proved that he was an elite caliber defensive lineman, but also showcased his intelligence and scholarly ways as he participated in a book club regularly and extenuated his thoughts through that club and into the minds of the audience. With all that being said, Gooden took an SEC offer from the Tennessee Volunteers, and will be wearing orange and white for his final two years of college football.
Bobby Bruce – Linebacker
Bobby Bruce came in as a very quiet introvert for the Pirates, but the kid could hit like a freight train. Throughout the year, while not seeing much playing time, we followed Bruce’s path to becoming much more outgoing and exceeding his expectations in the classroom, as he came from a rough Miami neighborhood. In the spring of 2018, however, Bruce was convicted of an alleged robbery, but according to his Twitter, he will be back with Independence for the 2018 season after his unsure future.
Nino Alibegic – Kicker
The outgoing personality of Nino created a zany character during Season 3, where most people only saw his failures. What was not seen was his extraordinary kicking abilities, that eventually landed him in the Pacific Ocean at the University of Hawaii to kick for the Rainbow Warriors.