Cardinals Back In A Rut


By: Austin Atnip   9/18/2018
On the 13th the Cardinals suffered a defeat against the LA Dodgers with an end score of 9-7. The next day on the 14th, the Cardinals lost once again to the Dodgers with an end score of 3-0.
On the next day, they faced off the Dodgers hoping for a turnaround but to no avail. Cardinals lost with 17-4 as the final score. Surprisingly, during the Cardinals last game with the LA Dodgers, they managed to turn it around and end on a high note with a final score of 5-0.
September has been rough for the Cardinals so far. With last month going so well for them, it seems that they’re back in the rut they started the playoffs in. Out of their 15 games, they only won 6.
We still have the second half of the month to go through. With the Cardinals facing off against the Atlanta Braves on the 17th, they still have a chance to turn this around.