St. Louis Blues Hockey

Isaac Tinnin


The St.Louis Blues hockey team are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the NHL. The team plays their games in a 19, 150 seat arena in downtown St.Louis. The St. Louis Blues are not in the wild card spot yet, but they still have a chance with their 4th spot in the wild card race.
The Blues had a rough season starting off, they were the second worst team in the league and they’re head coach had just gotten fired and there team chemistry was awful. Now they are third in the Central Division. They were on an 11 game win streak in the middle of February until they lost to the Dallas Stars.
The Blues have a record of 44-32 with 94 points on the season. They have 17 games left for the season, not counting if they make it to the playoffs.
The Blues have a winning season record and have plenty of games left on the season to make it to the playoffs. They didn’t qualify to the playoffs last year but they are on a two game winning streak and if they keep it up, they can take the wildcard spot in the Pacific Division.