Christmas 2021 Movie Releases


Michael Koppeis

What new movie releases are our students most excited to watch?

The holidays are a popular time for movie releases. So much so that the over-abundance of these films make it hard for consumers to choose what to watch. To combat this, we’ll be going over all the big movie releases over the break and showing what the most popular options are. Knight Life polled the student body to see which of these movies they are most looking forward to.
The winner with 53% of the “most excited” vote was Spider-Man; No Way Home which releases on December 17th. There has been a ton of hype for this movie’s release due mostly in part to the returning villains and rumored returning Spider-Men. Tied for second place with 13.5% are West Side Story and Sing 2. West Side Story’s reboot has also been getting a lot of attention because it is being directed by critically acclaimed director, Stephen Spielberg and the original is a cult classic. Sing 2 on the other hand, is the sequel to the original box office success with lukewarm critical reviews. It’s definitely going to be the big family movie this Christmas, but not much more. 23% of those polled are excited to see the new Matrix: Resurrections releasing on December 22nd. It’s a direct continuation of the original movies with the same lead, Keanu Reeves. The last notable movie to release that people are hyped for is American Underdog, an upcoming movie about a notable player for the Rams football team.
This concludes this year’s December break movie guide. There are more to look into if you’re interested, but these are the most anticipated to check out!