Messi Leaving Barcelona

Messi Out of Barcelona

Lionel Messi is known as being one of if not the best soccer players of all time. Messi was born in Argentina and moved to Spain at only 13. Messi is now 33 years old and has played for Barcelona his whole career even stating many times that Barcelona will always be his home.

Messi has stated in a fax that he sent to the owners of Barcelona that he was grateful for his experiences at the club. But, in that same fax, Messi stated that he was not happy with the management of the club and that he wanted Bartomeu the president of Barcelona soccer club to step down from his job. FHS sophomore and soccer fan, Charlie Houser believes that Messi is leaving Barcelona because he is tired of not winning and that Messi will be heading to Manchester City.

Since Messi’s contract ends at the end of this season many clubs are looking to sign him. Some of the top clubs in the running include Manchester City, PSG, Inter Milan, and Manchester United. All of these clubs have the means to afford Messi’s salary and would be able to fit him in the squad. Messi’s most likely club is Manchester City because Pep Guardiola is the manager and Pep happens to be Messi’s manager when he first started in Barcelona and both Messi and Pep share a good relationship.

FHS varsity soccer player Brandon Schaupert believes Messi is leaving Barcelona due to the treatment he has received from the club. He told me that, “Messi will most likely be going to Manchester City or Inter Milan”. Messi leaving Barcelona will bring a lot of joy to Brandon because he is a huge Manchester City supporter and he hopes that he will go to Manchester City. Regardless of wherever Messi chooses to go he will bring a huge fan base with him that is sure to make the club happy.