MLB Postseason Predictions

MLB Postseason Predictions

This year’s MLB Postseason is a little different from recent years. We have many new teams that haven’t been in the postseason in what seems like forever. Then we have some teams that are in every year. It leaves the question, are they going to be able to protect their titles or not?

With the NLDS and ALDS coming to an end let’s take a look at our contenders. The Braves took down the Marlins in a 3-0 sweep, and they shut out the Marlins offense in the final two games. Many people I interviewed were rooting for the Braves, Gavin Anderson said, “The Braves are a dominant team no doubt. I believe that if they can get past the Dodgers, they can win the world series.” Moving on with the Dodgers, they surprisingly swept the Padres, showing that they were the better National League West team. Fernando Tatis Jr commented about it after the game, “This is a special group of guys, and we didn’t give up until the final out. We are still young and we will bounce back next year. It is going to be special.” I can’t wait to see what they do in the upcoming season.

Now let’s talk about the American League, the Astros beat the Athletics in 3-1 series and will be moving on to the ALCS. Many people are not happy about it because of the Astros cheating scandal. Let’s hear what Carlos Correa said after the game, “What are the critics gonna say now? We proved that we are still a world series contender.” The Rays beat the Yankees which not many people expected this will be the first time the Rays will be in the ALCS since 2008 and they have never won a world series. Will this be their year we will find out soon as the world series is just around the corner.
The NLCS is set and the contenders are the Dodgers and Braves. Will it be close or will it be a blowout, lets dig into it! In my opinion, whichever team wins game 1 will win the series because momentum is going to be everything between these two powerhouse teams. Both teams have a couple of MVP candidates. but the Dodgers have an outstanding pitching staff. If they show up every game, the Dodgers will take the series with ease. I spoke with Gavin Anderson and he said, “ Even though I love the Braves I still think the Dodgers will win in 6.”

The ALCS is underway and the series will consist of the Rays vs the Astros! Nobody is happy about the Astros beating the Athletics because many people don’t like them because of the cheating scandal. But if the Astros sneak past the Rays, and if the Dodgers beat the Braves, we might have a rematch of the 2017 world series. My predictions for this series is the Rays will win in 5!

Speaking of the World Series I am thinking of the best outcomes and possibilities and my predictions are if the Dodgers win the series against the Braves, and the Rays beat the Astros, I have the Dodgers in 6!