Lip Dub 2020


The Lip Dub is coming up on March 13! To get you ready here is a list telling you all about what will be going on that day. The reason we do the lip dub is to raise school spirit and bring just one more thing to look forward to each year. It also allows a day or two in the school year for students to just relax and have fun. We hope this will also be something you can look back on and think to yourself “yeah that was a good time”. High school is a time of learning and growth, but everyone is still a kid so why not have a day where you can jump around and dance, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Day will be in Half-Day format and after lunch, you will return to your seminar.
You will have time to dress up or get ready for the Lip Dub.
After this, your seminar will be sent to whichever zone that your seminar has voted for based on popular vote.
The song that you have voted for will be playing while you practice and film the Lip Dub.
We will have people to stay after to clean up and it’d be greatly appreciated if you would help clean up.
After Spring Break the video will be edited then sent out via youtube and email.