Music That Moves Me


” music … has the power to change moods and educate people.” Mrs. Mays-neilson”

Many people love listening to music and going to concerts. For some people, however, music means so much more to them. I have interviewed 4 people, 2 teachers, and 2 students about what their favorite song is, who their favorite musical artist is, what genre they like, what got them into music, and how music has impacted their lives. Below are their responses.

The first person I interviewed was Mrs. Mays-Neilson. Her favorite song is Panis Angelicus – Pavarotti and Sting. Her favorite band of all time is either Queen or Bon Jovi. When asked what her favorite type of music she replied with musicals. Being a teenager in the 80s and being in theatre is what got her into music. She loves music because it has the power to change moods and educate people.

The next person I interviewed was Mr. Minson. His current favorite song is Shaped By Fire by As I Lay Dying. His favorite musical group is currently The Avett Brothers. His top 3 favorite genres are Metal, Country, and Folk music. When asked what got him into music, he replied with “People who are smarter and more talented than I am. Mood and appreciation for music.” The last question I asked was how music has impacted his life. He responded, “I’ve been able to learn more about myself through other people’s songs. This translates over to the live experience as well. You get to be in the same room as people who love the music you love and the people who made those songs you know and love.”

Next, I interviewed Hayley DeClue. Her favorite song is Run by George Strait. George Strait is also her favorite musical artist. Her favorite type of music is “Old” Country. When I asked what got her into music she said that her parents are what got her into music. Music has not impacted her life in any special way. She simply enjoys listening to it.

Finally, I interviewed Michael Koppies. His favorite song is Fall by Eminem. His favorite musical artist of all time is Billy Joel. His favorite kind of music is songs from the 80s. When I asked him what got him into music he responded with “Listening to various kinds of music with my sister.” Lastly, I asked how music has impacted his life. He responded with “Music has had a similar impact on me as books and movies have. Music can entertain and from time to time teach you something.”