Foreign Exchange Student Spotlight: Belle


Melaina Files

Meet Belle

Nov. 09, 2018
This year, Farmington is lucky to have several foreign exchange students, each with a unique story of their own.  I had the chance to talk with one of the foreign exchange students, and quite possibly the sweetest girl I have ever met, Belle.  Belle is a 16 year old girl, from West Vietnam, and is loving her time in the US. I enjoyed meeting her, as it was not only a great learning experience for me, but also Belle is such an interesting individual.  
Here is a little snippet of the conversation I had with Belle at lunch today:
Q: If you had to choose one word to describe yourself, which word would you choose?
A: I would say I am friendly.
Q: Tell me, why do you want to study in the US?
A: I heard that the education system here is really good.
Q: What are the biggest differences between education where you are from, compared to in the US?
A: We don’t use chromebooks, and we have one big class with many more subjects.  Also, there is more fruit in Vietnam. I see that you guys eat a lot of fast food here, even at school.  School starts at 7 am and is over at 11 am unless you have to go back in the afternoon for extra classes.  We go to school on Saturday in Vietnam, and just have Sunday off. School overall is much more difficult in Vietnam, and the teachers are more strict.  Like, sometimes here I notice students are not as motivated as they are in Vietnam.
*This is where I started to learn a lot about the Vietnamese culture in comparison to American culture*
Q: Is there anything you think is odd or weird about Americans
A: The culture, everything here is different.  You can not drive until you are 18 in Vietnam. Weekends in Vietnam are different too, because family in Vietnam spends weekends together.  In America families seem to be really busy during the weekends. We eat dinner a lot later in Vietnam. There aren’t any school buses, we ride our bikes to school at home.  
Q: Since Vietnam is a tropical location, what is the weather like there compared to in the US?
A: It is much colder here than in Vietnam.  I have never seen snow before
Q: What is your favorite food?
A: In the US, pizza.  In Vietnam, rice.
Q: What is one part of the American culture you are excited to experience?
A: I like the modern life here, and the busy people.  I would like to visit California.
Q: What is your favorite subject to study in school?
A: In America, biology.
Q: What do you see yourself doing with your future?
A: I want to be a pharmacist.
Q: Do you like Farmington High School?
A: Yes, people are really friendly in Farmington.
Q: Do you think you will ever come back to America?
A: Yes, definitely.
I was amazed when Belle told me she had never seen snow before.  I am ecstatic to see snow falling in Farmington now, as I will think of Belle.  Belle informed me that she is staying with Breanna Mathes, a freshman at Farmington High School, and her family.  I am so glad I got to meet Belle, and I highly recommend everyone reach out to foreign exchange students as well. They have unique stories you won’t be able to find from anyone else!  Welcome to FHS Belle, enjoy your stay!