Pad Thai Restaurant Review


Breanna Mathes

Located on 809 East Karsch Boulevard in Farmington, Pad Thai Kitchen is a homey and welcoming sight along a bustling highway.  It’s bright windows imply friendliness and warmth as one walks in the door, and it’s large sign promises the presence of delicious authentic Thai meals.  Pad Thai Kitchen is a restaurant that serves scrumptious delicacies for the whole family!
As I entered restaurant with my family, I was immediately greeted with the smell of cooking food.  The waitress seated us promptly, and came back shortly after that to take our order. We ordered two plates Crab Rangoons as appetizers, which came with a delectable orange dipping sauce.  It was extremely tasty.

As we were waiting for our main meal, I took into consideration how clean and polished everything around me was; the atmosphere was calm and pleasant, the lights slightly dimmed.  I appreciated how cozy the place was, especially due to the cold weather. I liked the vibrant red tablecloths and pictures of Thai cuisine hung on the walls. Tables were spread evenly around, perfect for families, and the relaxing ambiance of the room let off a comforting vibe that one should cease to be in a hurry.
Shortly after we finished our appetizer, our main meals came out.  I had ordered the Pad See Ew minus the egg with shrimp. The meal came out exactly as I had ordered it, hot and ready to be eaten.  Another family member of mine had ordered the Drunken Noodles with chicken with a medium level of spiciness. Their meal was also just the way they wanted it.  All of the food was superb and the portions were equitable.

After we all concluded eating our meals, we paid at the front desk.  I’d say the prices were fair weighing with the quality of the food. As we left, we all took a refreshing mint from a jar.  In all, the service was very good, the food was appetizing, the atmosphere was nice, it was clean, and the prices were just.
I would suggest dining in Pad Thai Kitchen, especially as winter rolls around.  The place is inviting and enjoyable, and it would make a great thing to do on a cold and windy day.  In closing, eating at this authentic restaurant was very much worth it and recommended!