Tennis Team "Serves" FHS Right This Season


By: Breanna Mathes
As the girl’s tennis team’s season has come to an end, it’s time to celebrate their accomplishments.  Tennis recently concluded on October first, which was the date for districts. Although their season is over, they were successful!
The girl’s varsity tennis team placed first in the Conference Championship and first in the Conference Tournament; everyone from Farmington placed first in doubles and in singles at the Conference Tournament.  They placed first in the Farmington Invitational Tournament and first at the Waynesville Invitational Tournament. Furthermore, at Waynesville, Abigail Jent and Mary Kate Burcham received first in doubles. Virginia Lugo and Bekah Kimpel got second in doubles.  Baylee Gilliam got second in singles, and Susan Rippee placed fifth. At districts, Jent got third playing doubles with Burcham.
Jent, a senior, said: “I’ve played four years of tennis for FHS, and each year has always been something I look forward to.  The tennis team is probably the most positive team, and we all get along so well. I’m beyond proud of the success we have achieved during my time being on the team, and I hope to see more from the team in the future!”
Megan Lix, a freshman, noted: “The team was very kind and I had a lot of fun every day at practice and at tennis matches.”
Coach Canter, when asked how he felt about the outcome of this tennis season, replied: “I feel like the season was a good one for the girl’s tennis team.  We finished with a record of 11-3. We won the Farmington Invitational Tournament, the MAAA Regular Season Conference Championship, the MAAA Conference Tournament, and the Waynesville Invitational Tournament.  Our season didn’t end the way we wanted it to but we played hard despite battling several injuries and other issues this season.”  
When inquired about his favorite match this season, he answered: “I’d say my favorite match was our match against Potosi at home to clinch the MAAA Regular Season Conference Championship.  Potosi had a chance to knock us off with a win but our girls came out and dominated their opponents. Our Senior night the following night at home vs. Arcadia Valley was also very special.”  
Finally, when interviewed about his future goals for the girl’s team, he said: “Our goal is to get back to competing for our district championship and to continue to be very competitive in the MAAA.”
All in all, the girl’s tennis team this fall has reaped great success, and more should hopefully follow in the near future.