BOGO Restaurant Review

Written by: Breanna Mathes
BOGO, a small Christian sandwich shop located on 12 South Jackson Street in downtown
Farmington, appears to be just like any typical restaurant on it’s exterior, but it actually is a part
of something much bigger than one may believe! Opened on November fifth, 2013, this eatery
has served not only its many eager customers, but several other people not able to attain a daily
In their sandwich wrapping, the customer will find a Bible verse printed out and wrapped
inside. See, while the common meaning of the acronym “BOGO” is Buy One Get One, this shop
turns it into something more: Buy One Give One. For each sandwich bought, another sandwich
is made and given away to a person or organization in need.
In its beginnings, BOGO was merely a place where one would mainly pick up their
sandwich and go, but not without glancing at the chalkboard placed on a wall telling where each
donated sandwich had gone. Now BOGO has expanded so that it’s hungry customers can eat
inside whilst also enjoying watching a TV placed directly above the counter. BOGO’s layout is
rustic, cozy, and friendly, topped with the pleasant sensation of the fresh smell of spices and
other ingredients as one walks in the door.
To order, the customer must turn to the left as soon as they walk in and grab a dry-erase
laminated paper and marker. This is the menu in which the customer orders their meal; it’s filled
with several choices of breads, meats, veggies, sauces, and the option of either getting chips or
the selected soup-of-the-day with a drink. The customer then sets their marked menu on the
counter to the right for the workers to use. Then the consumer may walk straight ahead to the
large “chip-wrack”, where they may choose any bag of chips they wish, so long as they chose
getting them in their order. If the customer ordered soup, it will come out with their sandwich.
Next to that is a tall refrigerator, in which the person may grab any beverage of their choice.
The owner of this business is Doug Thomas. When asked why he wanted to start BOGO,
he responded with the fact that he wanted to do something with food that was ministering for
Christ in a subtle manner. Furthermore, BOGO’s delivery service is now about 40 percent of
their business, while some of their other business is in the new dining area. The most popular
sandwich they sell is the club, which has turkey, ham, and bacon on it. As for the soup, the
buffalo chicken is favored. In the future, Mr. Thomas hopes that BOGO could have a second
location in five years!