Principal's Corner

Melaina Files


Knightlife Online is introducing a new segment entitled “Principal’s Corner”.  Every few weeks a journalism staff member will sit down with the principal of FHS, Dr. Lamonds, to get information regarding upcoming events.  I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Lamonds one on one last Wednesday about various topics including parent teacher conferences, past sweetheart experiences, and other events coming up in the spring!  
With parent teacher conferences being March 6 & March 7, this was the main topic we discussed.  When asked the importance of parents attending parent teacher conferences, Dr. Lamonds mentioned several valuable reasons.  Parent teacher conferences are not geared as much towards grades, but rather planning schedules for the future. These conferences also allow the parents to understand seminar teachers are like a second parent to their child.  Dr. Lamonds also mentioned, if the parent is unable to come, they should make a phone call, because the voice connection matters more so than a simple email. If students are available for parent teacher conferences, they should also come.  It is important for students, teachers, and parents to sit down at the same table. They are all a team in a way, and it is crucial to build that team any given chance. Another part of parent teacher conferences Dr. Lamonds informed me of, is that there will be parent round tables.  Parent round tables are present to educate parents on social media, tobacco, and vape use. Mr. Ruble will also be at the high school the night parent teacher conferences to provide information regarding the bond issue.
As sweetheart just passed, it is always exciting to remember past candidates for the talent show.  Sweetheart is such a popular event at FHS, and so many individuals dedicate hours upon hours to practice their amusing talents, all to entertain the staff, students, and their families.  Did you know Dr. Lamonds was a sweetheart candidate when she attended FHS? She ran for sweetheart candidate her junior, got on stage and froze, bombing her skit. However, she was thankful for the friendships she made with the other candidates!  That is the beauty of the sweetheart talent show, it is truly not a test of popularity. The girls participating have worked up quite the gut to perform their talents on stage, and also have to sit down with the judges for an interview. The interview questions show the participants’ true character.
Other upcoming events for staff and students to be ready for include the spring play,  the Renaissance reward day, and the seniors last day has finally been decided on. This year, theatre will be performing The Wizard of Oz for the spring play from Thursday March 22 to Sunday March 24.  Tickets are on sale: $7 for adults, $5 for students. The renaissance will be held on May 3rd. Seniors last day has finally been recorded for May 14, let the countdown begin!