Speech and Debate First Semester Season


Ryan Fuemmeler

Sadly, Tuesday, December 4th, marked the end of the first semester of SAD here at FHS. This year the activity had more students participating than ever before. The team ranged from duet actors to radio speakers, to those creating original oratories. Ending the season at a home meet on November 15, and then at Park Hills Central High School, some reigned victorious with a placement in the final round planned to take place in January of next year. Despite the outcome, the team still has next semester to succeed at the district competition and have even more fun!
This year the team consisted of two duo interpretations teams, one storyteller, one dramatic interpreter, two original oratory creators, two humorous interpreters, one duet acting team, two poetry readers, and four radio speakers. The storyteller, Emmagyn Parton, and an original oratory speaker, Hau Phan, both made qualified this year for finals.
Both Parton and Phan started the season out incredibly strong, earning a spot in finals right away. Emmagyn Parton first performed her storytelling piece, an eight-minute, memorized tale meant for children, at Seckman High School where she received first and second place in her two rounds. Hau Phan presented his original oratory, a piece about truth, first at Hillsboro High School and was also awarded first and second place in the two rounds. Both competitors kept up their success at the second meet, finalizing their spot in the concluding round where they will likely be again successful.
“I have no idea what to expect when finals roll around because my competitors can always change their speech… However, I will simply do my best in preparation!” Hau Phan said when reached out for comment. Whatever the outcome of finals may be, the FHS speech and debate team has already greatly succeeded and have even more opportunity to in the near future. In the meantime, though, let us wish the best of luck to the team as they take on finals in 2019!