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Meet My Teacher- Mr. Vaughn

Amethyst Santiago
JAG teacher at FHS, Nicholas Vaughn.

Nicholas Vaughn, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Teacher

What inspired you to become a teacher?
I always wanted to have an impact in this world. I didn’t know exactly what I would be doing or who I would be working with, but I did have a passion for helping others. I was lucky enough to have some great teachers along the way. Mrs. Ferguson was my second grade teacher. She read to us everyday and was so kind. Mr. Garrison was my sixth grade art teacher and I wanted to be like him more than anyone. He was always super nice and was so physically impressive. Mrs. Elder was my eleventh grade teacher that spoke to our class like we were adults. She cared about me and pushed me to do right and not quit. My college professor, Dr. Long, was and is an inspiration to this day. His background was like mine. He was military, but was the gentlest man. He inspired me in class to serve others.

Why did you choose to teach at Farmington?
Farmington is my wife’s hometown and she graduated from here. My in-laws are big supporters of all things Farmington and since the earliest days of dating my wife, I heard nothing but good things about this school. When my son began preschool at Truman Learning Center, I knew I wanted to be involved in his life. What better way to be involved, than be a teacher. I look forward to seeing him in high school one day.

Did you always want to be a teacher? If not, what would/did you want to be doing?
I didn’t think I was good enough to be a teacher. The teachers that I looked up to were Rock stars. I knew that I wanted to serve others, but I didn’t have a specific career in mind. If I didn’t do this, I feel like I would be traveling the world, probably doing military stuff or humanitarian aid. Another passion is farming. I love raising animals and enjoying nature.

What does it mean to you, to be a teacher?
I view teaching as being a leader in the military. I’m a Non-Commissioned Officer and part of our creed is: “My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind- accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my soldiers.” My job is to make sure I prepare my students for life, whether it be work, school, relationships, etc. The second part of my mission is the welfare of my students. I am entrusted with my students. If I have a student that is hungry, I feed that student. If I have a student that doesn’t have a jacket or clothes, I give them mine. Being a teacher is one of, if not the most important role a person can have.

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About the Contributor
Amethyst Santiago
Amethyst Santiago, Journalism Staff
Hello! My name is Amethyst Santiago, I am very excited to be in journalism this year! I cannot wait to experience all that we do here and learn to be a better writer. In my free time I love to play video games, sing, cook, watch interrogations, and true crime breakdowns. My favorite color is Sage Green. I feel like a person's favorite color says a lot about someone and their personality. I love deep conversations about theories, debates, or even just ranting about random things that go on in life. I personally think I would love writing a lot of reviews about many different things. I cannot wait to make personal connections with other people that find interest in the same things as me, or show/introduce me to new ideas.

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    Nick VaughnNov 10, 2023 at 1:28 pm

    Thank you to Ms. Santiago for the interview. She’s extraordinary and will impact this world greatly.