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Meet the Knightlife Online Staff Members 2023

Jason Loughary
Pictured here, far left back row, Payton Watkins, Emily Moriarty, Karsyn Wolk, Timma Qualls, Chloe Lawson, Shelby Williams, Amethyst Santiago, and Madelynn Washington. Front row from left, Bella Riley, Hailey Williams, and Keelie Underwood.

As we kick off the 2023-2024 school year, there are lots of new faces on the Knightlife Online staff! Knightlife Online publishes news stories that viewers are eager to read. Learn more about the new members!

Emily Moriarty, Journalism I

Emily is a sophomore here at Farmington High School, and has immense respect for those who can put their thoughts into words and publish their work.

“People who can do this eloquently truly inspire me,” said Moriarty, who is passionate about journalism and publishing articles.

Emily loves to read articles that are heartfelt and wholesome; her favorite online publication being The New York Times. She is hoping to gather more knowledge on how to get readers interested in her articles.

Payton Watkins, Journalism I

Payton Watkins, freshman, is ready to write this year! She loves to write for the sole purpose of expressing her opinions and being creative. She is looking forward to getting her voice out there, and writing about school events. Payton has always loved to write stories, and hopes that her articles will serve as a passageway for her creativity. She is eager to improve her grammar skills this year and write with clarity!

Amethyst Santiago, Journalism I

Similar to Emily, Amethyst is also a sophomore and this will be her first year writing for Knightlife Online.

“I fell in love with writing because of the expression of feelings through words,” Amethyst stated.

Santiago is looking to write about topics that will grab the attention of readers. Amethyst says that she has always thought about being involved with journalism, but never got started. That changes this year, as she hopes to build a strong connection with her audience.

Bella Riley, Journalism I

Bella Riley is starting the year out strong, already brainstorming ideas for potential articles. Riley loves video games, drawing, reading, and photography. As a sophomore, she is involved in yearbook along with the journalism program. Bella is striving to improve her writing techniques this year and write stories that will inspire people. In her free time, she likes to read articles about crime.

“Personally, I really enjoy reading about crime and mystery; it intrigues me,” said Bella.

Bella is hoping to intrigue people in the same way, as her articles are going to be centered around all aspects of school events.

Karsyn Wolk, Journalism I

She may be a freshman, but Karsyn Wolk is already making strides in the world through cosmetology. Karsyn enjoys doing eyelash extensions and is passionate about beauty. Wolk is hoping to branch out into all different types of writing; from entertainment all the way to sports. Karsyn likes to read local articles and enjoys learning about the things going on in the community.

“Local articles are the best because I want to know what’s going on around me,” she said.

Timma Qualls, Journalism I

A baker and artist, freshman Timma Qualls is ready to roll out some student-life content this year! Timma is excited to learn how to put together efficient and excellent articles that communicate her ideas. Qualls recently discovered her passion for journalism by learning more about the program here at Farmington High School. Timma enjoys reading entertainment articles as well as opinion pieces.

“I love writing because I get to write about what I like and express myself,” said Qualls.

Chloe Lawson, Journalism I

Social butterfly and frequent moviegoer, Chloe Lawson, is looking to start her freshman year out right in the journalism program. Chloe is looking forward to learning the core basics of journalism; how to write and structure articles. Lawson is optimistic about what the year will bring, as this is her first year in the program. Chloe wants to write articles that incorporate elements of entertainment, being that she likes to read entertainment articles herself.

“Believe it or not, writing helps me with my handwriting! I love picking up a pencil and seeing where it takes me,” Chloe stated.

Hailey Williams, Journalism I

Hailey Williams, freshman, has been interested in journalism for around 3 or 4 years now. This passion grew when her sister began discussing journalism, and this interested her. Williams wants to write articles of all types this year, and she personally loves to read mystery articles herself. There are a number of things that Hailey would like to learn about journalism this year; one being how to overcome ‘writer’s block,’ which occurs when a writer experiences a stagnant creative flow.

“Sometimes when I write, I experience writer’s block. I hope to pass that this year,” she said. Williams loves to write about what’s on her mind and what she loves most.

Keelie Underwood, Journalism I

Around 2 years ago, freshman Keelie Underwood had a teacher that sparked her interest in journalism. Now, being in the journalism program, Keelie hopes to write about sports and student-life. Underwood is also interested in golf, and hopes to join the team her sophomore year. Keelie loves to read crime articles, and writes to express her thoughts and feelings.

“In journalism this year, I hope to learn how to put things into words more effectively. That can get tough sometimes,” Keelie said.

The Farmington High School journalism program will surely help Keelie achieve that!

Shelby Williams, Journalism I

A faithful cheerleader, freshman Shelby Williams is looking forward to publishing stories this year. Shelby loves to write because it englightens her mind and helps her convey her creativity and personality. Williams is also involved in the Black Knight Television program, recording daily announcements and learning to create news packages.

“I have a large vocabulary, so this year, I hope to expand it even more,” said Williams.

Shelby is most excited to write about student life and sports this year. She loves to read articles that go into detail about the lives of others.

Make sure to check out the profiles of these new staff members on the ‘staff’ tab located in the ‘about’ menu.

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Bonjour, knights! My name is Mady Washington, and I am a Sophomore here at Farmington High School. I have been a member of the journalism and Black Knight Television staff for a year. What I love most about writing articles and reporting for BKTV is the smiles on the faces of students when they are featured in a story. It is important that all students have a voice on our online publication. My hope is that all students feel they have a place here at Farmington High School, and BKTV brings us closer together in various ways. I look forward to working with all BKTV staff members this year!

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