Knights of FHS: Mr. Banger

Sarah Maxey
Banger during a photoshoot at a Football game

Mr. Tim Banger has been teaching here at Farmington High School for over 30 years. Banger is known for his classic approach to teaching, photography, design, and even discipline. Mr. Banger goes by the book, and nothing gets past him. Mr. Banger prides himself on teaching what he believes to be the heart of Farmington High School: Yearbook.
In Yearbook classes, students will be taught the basics of camera usage and photography, as well as slideshow design and yearbook production. Students will work passionately to produce a yearbook that embraces the student body and allows every student to have a chance in the spotlight.
Yearbook encourages time management and responsibility, as well as accountability, and growth. The skills you start with in Yearbook will only get better as you advance throughout the course.
Most students thrive in the design aspect of Yearbook. The design aspect includes slideshow design and yearbook production. Students get to have a say in how the yearbook is designed and created. Students get a chance to express their ideas and hopes for the book.
Partaking in Yearbook means that you are actively involved in the events happening in and around Farmington High School. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things and experiences. Yearbook gives students the opportunity to be involved in their school and community, and Mr. Tim Banger is the perfect instructor to embody these responsibilities and opportunities.
“Yearbook, I believe, is the heart of FHS. The memories captured through photography and journalism help us all to reflect on the great times and experiences we once all enjoyed. My 30+ years at Farmington have been dedicated to teaching students how to not only become better readers, writers, photographers, and journalists, but mature young adults. When I retire next year, I hope to see students still enjoying classes and activities that yearbook entails. I’ve watched many students over my years grow to become responsible young adults who go onto to do great things. Our young people have the power to change the world. The world is in the hands of the youth.”