FBLA Strikes Gold at the 2023 District Leadership Conference

Members of FBLA gather for a group photo wearing their hard-earned gold medals.

This weekend, February 4, 2023, members of the Future Business Leaders of America club, (FBLA), attended the District Leadership Conference at Mineral Area College. Many competitors competed in group projects and presentations, while others worked solo on events and participated in assessments that were graded.

All members advanced to the state competition which will be held in Springfield, Missouri in the spring of 2023. Brandon Arena, an FBLA member and competitor at this weekend’s District Leadership Conference, walked away with three first place awards; one in Introduction to FBLA, Introduction to Information Technology, and another in Introduction to Marketing. In an instagram post, Brandon stated, “FBLA has given me many opportunities this year.”

In February, FBLA hosted a business tour in honor of FBLA week. This tour took place at the Farmington Mercantile. Another important event was the February 15th trip to Jefferson City for Legislative day, along with a trip to Mizzou for a business etiquette dinner.

Many members of the club are excited for what’s to come for FBLA this year. Including Rachel Reeves, a first year member of FBLA.

She says “I am most ecstatic about the Legislative Day Field Trip. That will be fun. I am also looking forward to going to the state competition in Springfield. It will be a competitive day, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.”

Below is the list of District Leadership Conference winners.

1st – Cianna Clowdus – Accounting I
1st – Tessa Hand – Business Calculations
1st – Nora Berkbigler – Business Communication
1st – Kate Northern – Business Plan
1st – Caroline Reeves – Client Service
1st – Diep Phan – Economics
1st – Tessa Hand – Future Business Leader
1st – Nora Berkbigler and Cadence King – Hospitality & Event Management
1st – Abbie Wigger – Human Resource Management
1st – Cianna Clowdus – Introduction to Business Communication
1st – Cadence Pegram – Introduction to Business Concepts
1st – Ella Davis – Introduction to Business Procedures
1st – Dagny McCarver and Madelynn Washington – Introduction to Event Planning Team 1st – Brandon Arena – Introduction to FBLA
1st – Cianna Clowdus – Introduction to Financial Math
1st – Brandon Arena – Introduction to Information Technology
1st – Brandon Arena – Introduction to Marketing Concepts
1st – Ella Davis – Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures
1st – Reese Beckett – Job Interview
1st – Michael Koppeis – Journalism
1st – Cloey Long – Networking Infrastructures
1st – TJ Benoist, Tessa Hand, Diep Phan, Brooklyn Schrag, and Abbie Wigger – Parliamentary Procedure 1st – Kate Northern – Political Science
1st – Aiden Moriarty – Public Speaking
1st – Ella Davis and Graycen Pratt – Sales Presentation Team
1st – Ashley Cohen, Aiden Moriarty, and Diep Phan – Website Design Team
2nd – Trent Galczynski – Advertising
2nd – Trent Galczynski and Michael Koppeis – Broadcast Journalism Team
2nd – Trent Galczynski – Business Calculations
2nd – Reese Beckett, Karliana Bloom, and Amanda Ropers – Business Ethics Team 2nd – TJ Benoist and Michael Koppeis – Digital Video Production Team
2nd – Kate Northern – Economics
2nd – Abbie Wigger – Health Care Administration
2nd – Finnly Blue, Rachel Reeves, and Madelynn Washington – Intro to Business Presentation Team 2nd – Cadence Pegram – Introduction to Financial Math
2nd – AnneMarie Sheets – Introduction to Social Media Strategy
2nd – Nora Berkbigler – Journalism
3rd – Karliana Bloom – Business Calculations
3rd – Cadence King – Business Communication
3rd – TJ Benoist – Business Law
4th – Lillian Betz-Bacon – Accounting I
4th – Graycen Pratt – Advertising
4th – Brooklyn Schrag – Agribusiness
4th – Cadence Pegram – Economics
4th – Caroline Reeves – Health Care Administration
4th – Lillian Betz-Bacon – Introduction to Business Communication
5th – Caroline Reeves – Business Communication
5th – Reese Beckett – Business Law
5th – Regan Cline – Cyber Security
5th – Karliana Bloom – Graphic Design
5th – Regan Cline – Human Resource Management
5th – Rachel Reeves – Introduction to Public Speaking
5th – Annabelle Devoto – Organizational Leadership