INCubator MVP Pitch 2022


Students from Incubator’s Modern Media Marketing hold their $500 check that was awarded to them for their MVP pitch.

On December 14, Farmington High School’s INCubator program held their MVP Pitch. This was the second of three total pitches the program’s students will conduct over the span of this school year. Business investors from throughout the community were invited to join the students and their instructor Mrs. Pierce in the fieldhouse lobby. Each student-led company was to present their business ideas, then ask for a $500 grant from the investors to get off the ground.

The students say they were nervous at first, but very relieved and excited by their performances after the fact. Karliana Bloom of Immortalize, one of the student businesses, commented “Everyone was very nice, specifically Matt Sebastian. He made jokes throughout the presentation that really lightened the mood. I felt like the weight was finally lifted from my shoulders”.

Michael Koppeis of Modern Media Marketing elaborated further saying, “It was definitely nerve racking, but looking back now, I’m very proud of my team and the work we’ve done. With the grant money, I know all of the INCubator businesses are going to do amazing things in the coming semester.”

Overall the students wanted to express their gratitude to Mrs. Pierce. Gracyn Pratt with MenUs said, “She worked so hard to have us prepared and I think that we really were motivated to go above and beyond with these businesses because of her. She really is a lifesaver.”

These groups will be pitching to the board of directors again at the end of next semester where they will compete for $1000 that will be used to continue their businesses further.