Farmington's Heart Grows Bigger


Written by Chuckie Lambert     09/11/18
The Annual Heart Walk Foundation is run by an organization called the American Heart Association.  The American Heart Association was founded in 1924 by a professional group of scientist led by Dr. Paul Dudley White.  About 2150 Americans die every day from all different kinds of heart disease.  Every year the Heart Walk raises more and more money it seems to help heart disease, they decreased the number of deaths from heart disease, by nearly 5% in the St. Francois County area alone.  Every year we have our annual Heart Walk game, where our Knights face off against the North County Raider not only on the field but by raising money as well.  One of the most recent representatives Landon Johnson is a one of many to benefit from the Heart Walk, “Landon was diagnosed with complete heart block when he was 9 years old.  He was playing basketball after school one day and hurt his arm. While at the doctor’s office for his arm, they noticed his heart rate was extremely low.  We were referred to Dr. Silva, a cardiac specialist at Children’s Hospital. Landon had surgery and received a pacemaker when he was in the 4th grade. The pacemaker is attached to his heart with leads.  The pacemaker regulates his heart rate so that it doesn’t get too low. He has been fine ever since his surgery. He loves playing sports and video games. Luckily his heart condition doesn’t restrict him from the activities he loves to do. “ (Kimberly Johnson).  If anyone wants to donate, you can do so by sending a check to Farmington High School 1 Black Knight Drive Farmington, Missouri 63640.  Please make all checks out to the Farmington High School as well and note that it is a donation for the annual Heart Walk Fundraiser.
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