Giving Back


Not a lot of people volunteer in today’s world, only 23% in the adult population volunteer, but now is your chance to get involved with your community and start helping out. Several community service organizations would be happy to recruit new people to help, such as:

Habitat for Humanity
Street: W Columbia St.
Open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
United Way
Street: E Karsch Blvd.
Open: 24 hours
Kindred at Home
Street: Maple Valley Dr.
Open: 24 hours
Community Manor
Street: Weber Rd.
Open: Monday – Friday
Next Step for Life
Street: Vine School Rd, Herculaneum
Monday – Friday
Humane Society Missouri
Street: Macklind Ave, St.Louis
Open: Sunday – Saturday

These organizations are not the only option for volunteering, you can also volunteer for the school. There are several opportunities that you might have had during last semester and some of this semester from Mrs. Kristi Scott, one of the things she is in charge of is the community services. She sends out an email once every week that informs the students about what community services there are available. There are other ways to volunteer than going to legit organizations, though it’s helpful and greatly appreciated, you can also volunteer in your neighborhood. Some services you could do are raking leaves, babysitting, dog-walking, helping kids get home from school, tutoring, etc. Remember that even the smallest job makes a huge impact and helps a lot, even when it might not seem that way to you.