Dear Freshmen



A poll was sent out to the seniors of FHS to find out what advice they would give to incoming freshmen.

8th Grade tours commenced this past week from Thursday, January 4th to Friday 5th. These 8th graders ventured around the campus of FHS, learning about the new and exciting opportunities that high school presents. However, jumping from middle school to high school is scary for many students and most do not know what to expect. Thankfully BKTV Studios is here to help. We have conducted a poll that was sent out to all high school students asking them for their best advice for incoming freshmen. They gave tips, tricks, and advice for the incoming freshies but in all reality, high school is what you make of it. It all depends on how involved you want to be.

Many 8th graders were worried about having to pick and choose between various clubs, electives, and after-school activities however, in high school you rarely have to pick and choose. You can be in as many activities as you want as long as you manage your time and continue to get your schoolwork done on time. This brings us to one of the biggest struggles high schoolers face, time management. Managing your time is a very important skill to have. You can keep yourself on a schedule by planning your day out in a calendar or even writing a to-do list on a sticky note. You will definitely need some sort of system to help you keep track of your schoolwork as well as your social agenda.

You should try new things, but don’t overextend yourself. Figure out what works for you. It’s not necessarily going to be the same as everyone else.

— Anonymous

High school is a wonderful place where you begin to learn who you are as a person, but because everyone is figuring out who they are and what they like it can cause friendships to crumble. Many students come into high school with friends that turn out to have different interests which cause people to drift apart. However, with every negative, there is a positive, and because of these drifting friendships, there is room for new friendships to form. The best advice would be to make as many friends or acquaintances as possible, you never know when you might need a study buddy.

“Don’t think the friends you go in with are the ones you’ll come out with. Everyone changes in high school”- Anonymous poll

In high school, you will be tempted to procrastinate and finish your work at the last minute with very little sleep which may cause your grades to drop. Students cannot function on little to no sleep and still produce quality work for their teachers. It is because of this that Students should always work on their assignments either in class or shortly after the material is assigned. If not students will continue to put off the homework until they are forced to frantically work on their assignments at the last possible minute.

“Don’t procrastinate and get enough sleep, so spread out your homework and study time so you can.”- Anonymous poll
“focus on schoolwork, try your best not to get behind or fail classes, because it can be hard to catch back up!”- Anonymous poll

High school can be frightening at first and at some point or another you will do something embarrassing, but just know every single student has either gone through or is currently going through what you are. So do not be afraid to ask for help, mingle with people, and join clubs. Your high school experience is completely up to you so make the most of your four years because it goes by faster than you think.

“High school can either be the best time or the worst time. You make the choice” – Anonymous poll