The Art of Halloween

It’s that time of year again: 10 months of waiting to decorate your house to be the spookiest on the block is finally over. Decorating has been around for ages with different companies coming out with new and spookier decorations. Throughout the year’s companies have begun making decorations more sturdy, using plastic instead of foam. Some may say it’s their favorite time of year because it’s when they can bring out their spookier side. As Piper Cruse, a freshman at FHS says, “we like Halloween and to make people happy” with our decorations.

Decorating for Halloween has been a tradition practiced since the early 1900s. At that time it was a much scarier, not yet kid-friendly, holiday. Adults would throw parties in an attempt to be the scariest celebration of them all. No one knows how to decorate better than Vicke Visnovske. You may not recognize her name but you would recognize her by the way she decorates her house every holiday. Her most popular holiday is arguably Halloween.

Vicke started decorating in 2000 and has put up some rather unique decorations over the years. As she puts it, “It is one of the only holidays where being creative and unorthodox is not only accepted but relished.” For example, she has a 6-foot werewolf with light-up eyes, and when he growls, his head moves. She says “I couldn’t bear to put him back in the box so I keep him out in my living room all year”. If you have seen her house on A Street in Farmington, you know she puts a ton of time into decorating she usually starts in September. Vicke told me, “I always run out of time before I run out of decorations”. She always makes sure to set aside things she doesn’t use one year and utilize them the next. As Bri Owens a freshman at FHS put it, “It’s different and is something you have never seen before”

Vicke’s friends have also been a big help when it comes to being able to get new and unique decorations. She has a coffin that washed up in the flood of ‘93 and a stretcher from the ’70s, both gifted to her by friends. Adding new things is important to her and she likes to add at least two new things each year. She says,” the most common thing I hear is ‘you do such a great job’”, complemented by trick-or-treaters. She also gets asked “Is it really haunted?” and “Can we come in?”. It’s obvious trick-or-treaters get great joy out of her decorations, and some may even say that those who go down this street are in for a big surprise.

To sum up, Halloween is a great time to go all out and get passionate about decorating. The sky’s the limit of what you can do. Vicke is a great example of this as she takes immense pride in her decorations and works very hard to express what she is passionate about. Decorating for Halloween is a great way to bring people together. Like many other holidays, decorating is a way to show love for the holiday and with all these decorations there are lots of great and creative ways to decorate. With all that has happened this year, it’s a great way to get up and have a little bit of normal.