Free For Farmington Students

On January 1, 2020, the Farmington School District Athletic Department made an important announcement for some high school students. Farmington High School Students will now be able to get into athletic events for free if they present their student ID, rather than having to pay the previous $2 admission price.

“We have been talking about it for a while,” said John Bacon, the Activities Director for Farmington. “We talked about it different ways of doing it. In the end, we just decided we wanted to give kids at the high school the opportunity to support other high school events free of charge.”

Bacon explained that the new rule may slightly affect the income of the athletic department and booster club at the high school. “We will be bringing in less money for attendance, but we feel like it is worth it to give the kids the opportunity,” he said.

Some students were very excited about this new announcement because the price of admission had kept them from going to games before. “Normally, I don’t have excess money to go to games. I will attend more sporting events now because I don’t have to pay,” said Brycen Warren, a senior at the high school. Others weren’t sure that they would necessarily go to more sporting events, but they appreciated the effort of the Athletic Department. “It will definitely be nice knowing that I don’t have to pay,” said Bre Mathes.

The only stipulations students have now for attending games is to provide their ID. The only times students will have to pay for admission is during tournaments and games that have admission prices forced by MSHSAA. While the school administration will have to reevaluate this new rule at the end of the year, Bacon said “I would really anticipate us continuing to do this.”